Why Trump Will Win

Trump will beat Hillary–not so much based upon their policies or (lack of) popularity, but primarily because this is how American politics works.  Since we’ve just completed eight years of a Democrat administration, it’s time for the people to revert back and choose a Republican this time.  That’s the way our two-party system works.  We move to the left for eight years until the pendulum swings too far.  Then we move back to the right for eight years and get tired of that as well.

Over the last 150 years since the two major parties have been Democrat and Republican, this trend has been broken only a handful of times, and it was always following a very popular and very strong president.  Furthermore this has only happened once during the last 60 years.  Reagan was so strong and popular that he won 49 of 50 states in 1984, so his vice president (Bush 41) was able to squeeze in on Reagan’s coattails.  However, Bush was then unable to get re-elected on his own.

Before that, Vice President Truman became president following the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and he won one additional term .  These two presidents and kept Democrats in the White House for an unprecedented 20 years.  Again, this was due to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s popularity during the Great Depression and World War II.

The Republicans held the White House for 12 years from 1920 to 1932 when Hoover rode Coolidge’s coattails and got elected for a single term.  Like Bush, he was unable to get re-elected.  The same was true for the Republicans when Taft was able to get a single term based upon Teddy Roosevelt’s popularity.  The longest the Republicans ever held the White House was 16 years, with President’s Grant, Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur.  All of this was really due to carryover of Lincoln’s popularity after Johnson’s failed succession to Lincoln.

This means that even the effects of well-liked presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy weren’t able to keep their party in the White House for over eight years.

History tells us that only the strongest and most popular presidents can keep their party’s administrations going for over eight years.  So, Trump will win because Obama has been weak and unpopular, leaving no coattails for Hillary to cling to.  President Obama, we’ve read history, and you’re no Reagan, Roosevelt, Coolidge, or Lincoln; or, even an Eisenhower or Kennedy.

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Is Abortion Wrong?

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What are the definitive arguments on Abortion? We must consider it from all of the various points of view, including morality, science, women, government, civil rights, viability, and compassion. Which arguments make sense? Should we consider the arguments of violence from the right, or Planned Parenthood from the left? What’s the most compassionate thing to do?


The Bible forbids taking another person’s life in Exodus 20:13. Although some would argue that this somehow excludes the life of the unborn, the Bible doesn’t exclude any life. Exodus 21:22-25 specifically addresses the unborn where it tells us how we should handle the situation where a man injures “a woman with child so that she gives birth prematurely.” The punishment is to be in accordance with the injury done to the child, to the extent of “life for life.” In other words, if he kills the unborn child, then by Old Testament law the man should suffer capital punishment. In today’s society, this would not only outlaw abortion, but it would also implicate the mother and the doctor in the crime.

Isaiah 49:1 is a supporting text: “Before I was born the LORD called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name.” God called Isaiah before he was born, implying that his life began before his birth. Based upon the above scriptures, it’s obvious that life begins at conception, and unjustly taking any life is forbidden.


Life inside the womb should be at least as clear to the scientific community as the “clear evidence” of the fossil record. Ultrasound technology, photographic-like 3D / 4D images, and (more recently) DNA evidence make it impossible to deny the reality of the life of children inside the womb. Just ask any doctor who has performed complex fetal (prenatal) surgery on children as young as 18 weeks of gestation.


What about the argument that a mother should have the right to do whatever she wants with her own body? Well, there are limitations upon our liberties, and we’re all glad that there are. A person is free to do as they choose only until their behavior hurts someone else. A person has the freedom to get drunk, but not to drive drunk because that endangers others. A pregnant mother is not at liberty to hurt her unborn baby, for example, by taking drugs that will harm the baby. Likewise she is not free to ask a doctor to kill her unborn baby, any more than she is free to ask him to kill her infant or toddler.


Some argue that our Constitution protects all “citizens” but not all living people, and that a child doesn’t become a citizen until he is born. If they want to split hairs on this, then we should redefine citizenship. If an 18-week-old fetus has the right to have surgery (during the first half of the pregnancy), then it seems obvious that both life and citizenship begin at conception. If children of illegal aliens, who are not U. S. citizens, have the right to a free public education, surely an unborn child has the right not to be killed. Aren’t we a bit inconsistent when our governments often charge killers of a double homicide when a pregnant mother and her baby are killed, yet it’s OK if the mother asks her doctor to kill her unborn baby?

Civil Rights

Abortion may be the last civil rights issue, especially when considering its effect on the African-American community. Although African-Americans make up only about 13% of the U.S. population, Black mothers account for over 35% of all abortions. Some 16 million African-American babies have been legally aborted since 1973–about 1,876 each day. We have murdered 30% of our African-American population through legal abortion–a black baby genocide.


Although death by abortion is a grossly violent act, that’s not what makes abortion wrong. Abortion is wrong because it unjustly ends a person’s life, regardless of the degree of pain and suffering inflicted upon the victim.

Planned Parenthood

Of course Planned Parenthood should not sell the body parts of aborted babies, but that’s just a consequence of abortion. Abortion is wrong because it’s murder, and the selling of body parts is a separate crime.


The question of viability should not enter into the discussion of abortion. Viability refers to the ability of a person to maintain himself, and it is used as a vague notion for when a baby is able to live outside of the womb; i.e., without prenatal help. All babies are human beings, regardless of age, and destined to walk this earth the same as you and I, and we all need help in one way or another. Whether we kill a 10-week-old baby or an 18-week old baby that has already survived surgery, we have killed a human being either way. We can’t set some man-made cutoff based upon somebody’s opinion of when a baby is viable. The next step would be to establish viability as the point where the baby needs no help to survive–maybe two years old, or five years old. After all, can a two-year-old maintain himself without help? Likewise an unborn baby needs our “help” not to kill him.


How can we pretend to have compassion for children who are starving, homeless, or in poverty when we don’t care about children in the womb? Isn’t it even more compassionate to refuse to kill a completely innocent child than to feed a starving one? Of course, abortion is wrong.

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Driving Humility

OK, so you’re in the left of three lanes, and you suddenly notice that your lane is ending due to construction.  You start slowing down and quickly look to your right.  You see that there’s a car in that lane, but there just happens to be enough room for you to quickly change lanes, so that’s what you do.  Quite lucky, and no harm done. 

You don’t realize it, but that other driver was looking out for you all the way.  He was being a defensive driver.  He saw well ahead of time that your lane was ending, and he was preparing to help you, especially if you did anything stupid. 

Philippians 2:3 says, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.”  That other driver was saying, “You’re more important than me so I’ll let you go first, regardless of how deserving either of you was.  If the biblical prophets would have had cars, this would have been called “driving humility,” sort of the opposite of road rage. 

But I wonder if this isn’t the way God feels about us all the time.  We constantly push our lives at a fast pace, weaving in and out of precarious situations, amazed at how “lucky” we are, when He is right there with us, protecting us and prospering us all the time. 

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How Good is Our Health Care–Really?

Are you satisfied with your health care?  I’m not.  I think that our doctors are somewhere near the bottom of a long learning curve, and we’re they’re “practice.”  Meanwhile, they’re more concerned about retiring young as millionaires.

If we really have the best health care in the world, then I’s say you have to look at it this way:  On a scale of 1 to 10, if everyone else scores a 1, and we score a 2, we’re still much closer to the bottom than the top.  Doctors still have much to learn about of medicine, even though most people believe that doctors know more than they really do.  Doctors continue to learn every day by experimenting on us and then writing studies that result in the wrong conclusions.  One of the things they’ve learned is that they’ve been providing patients with wrong information and the wrong treatment–and causing more problems with side effects than the benefits of the medications.  Sometime in the future, we will look back and see how ignorant doctors were back in 2016.

Some 200 years ago, doctors still routinely treated patients by “bleeding” them, until they determined that this wasn’t such a great idea.  Today, specialists continually change their recommendations for daily intake of protein, carbohydrates, caffeine, salt, vitamins, etc., which means that what they’ve been telling us for years has been wrong.  Dentists fill our mouths with silver fillings, then a few years later (when the fillings fail)they decide that those weren’t such a good idea, so they replace them with porcelain crowns that will also need to be replaced with an implant in a matter of years.  What a great marketing strategy?  This way they can charge their exorbitant fees two or three times for the same tooth.  The cycle never ends, and seldom helps.

My cynicism extends from my own personal experiences with health care.  Here are a few examples:

– Before my cataract surgery I could read a newspaper without glasses, but not now (and never again).

– I woke up one morning to find that I suddenly had floaters and a severely dotted background pattern in one eye.  I went to the doctor immediately and was told there’s nothing they can do about it.

– I’ve had five (painful) procedures on the same two ingrown toenails–three unsuccessful, and two successful (so far).  If they can’t get these simple procedures right, our expectations should be quite low for anything more complex.

– When I’ve gone to the doctor with my backache or knee pain, they couldn’t help.  However, while I was in their office, they treated me for high blood pressure and cholesterol which weren’t causing me any problems, and who knows if they ever would have ever caused a problem at all.  So, they treated me for what they thought they knew how to treat, but they couldn’t help me with my problem.  Their medical studies showed them that blood pressure could be a problem for me some day, but meanwhile my back and knees hurt today.

– I went to a doctor because my hands became cold and painful whenever I usea a keyboard or a mouse, due to the repetitive motion.  I told the doctor that I was having to curb my use of computers, and I had to wear gloves when I did use them.  She (and all twelve of the specialists in her extensive medical network) tested me for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, lupus, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and an extra rib.  (Yeah, that one’s even laughable).  Their various preliminary diagnoses included everything from tendinitis to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy to sleep apnea (what a stretch).  They tried treating me with a dozen or so medications, paraffin treatments, ultrasound treatments, an electro-therapy glove, and a CPAP machine.  Their final diagnosis was Raynaud’s Syndrome, which basically means that they don’t know what’s wrong.  So, after about six months (and about 50 expensive doctor visits), what was their suggested treatment?  You guessed it:  Because of the repetitive motion, I should limit my time on the computer, and I should wear gloves when I use a keyboard or mouse–-the exact things that I told them on the very first day.  What was the result after all the tests and expense?  My hands still become cold and painful whenever I use the computer.

– Many years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression.  The doctors started a long cycle of prescribing an antidepressant, waiting six weeks, discovering that it didn’t work, and then prescribing another one.  It’s no wonder that so many people with depression commit suicide.  They endure all the suffering that they can before the six weeks is up, and they realize that their doctors can’t help.

– When I contracted poison ivy, I went to the doctor immediately.  He gave me a prescription and sent me home, but after three more days I was so miserable that I went back.  The second prescription did no good, so, on my third visit, he referred me to a specialist.  Meanwhile, I would wake up in the middle of the night because my skin was so itchy.  I felt so miserable that I sometimes considered calling 911.  I would bathe in every soothing liquid I could think of, and then sit in front of a fan dabbing various medications onto my skin.  Again, I can see how one could have thoughts of suicide, even for this common problem.  Then, after two visits to the specialist (five doctor visits in all), and increased dosages of a steroid, my symptoms finally subsided, but not before I endured six weeks of  intense suffering, and this wasn’t even a serious disease.

– I’ve had allergies for since my teenage years, and for the past 45 years doctors haven’t been able to do much to relieve my symptoms.  The one medication that brought me some relief (Drixoral) was taken off the market by the federal government because people were using the ephedrine to make meth (or seemingly because it helped allergy sufferers too much).

– I’ve had more fillings and crowns that I have teeth–several have been re-done multiple times.

– One of my best friends from high school submitted to a routine surgery.  The surgeons botched it, resulting in his death.

– My niece had a sore ankle and the doctors first diagnosed a strep infection.  Then they decided that she had cancer, and they amputated her leg–Civil War-era “treatment.”  After declaring victory stating that she was “cancer-free,” her cancer returned.

– My mom had congestive heart failure, which on the doctors’ list of what they know how to treat.  After five years of angina, depression, ineffective medication, and hundreds of wasted visits to doctors and hospitals, she died a painful death.

– My dad submitted to an angiogram on his heart, on the recommendation of his doctor.  Following the procedure, the first time he got out of his hospital bed, he had a massive heart attack and died.  The doctors claimed that it was just a coincidence, and it had nothing to do with the procedure.  Shouldn’t they have at least admitted that it was possible that the test caused a blood clot?

– My father-in-law underwent artery bypass surgery upon recommendation from the doctors and surgeons.  After eleven days of suffering in the hospital, the doctors sent him home to suffer–forgetting to prescribe any pain medication.  They said that he would feel like new in six months, and they congratulated themselves, and recorded another “success” on their spreadsheets.  In a matter of weeks, he went back to the doctor because of fluid on his lungs.  A few months later, when he still had no energy, they diagnosed atrial fibrillation; “shocked” his heart; and, sent him home.  A couple of years later, he died.  I suppose that the doctors can claim that now he’ll have no more trouble.

– My mother-in-law is still living.  I guess she hasn’t been to the doctor enough.

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Hillary Would Rather Abort Than Deport

Hillary says, “I Will Not Deport Illegal Children…”  The Pro-Choice Hillary seems to be all about aborting children instead of deporting them.  She fails to recognize that we kill one million children each year by abortion.  Using her warped frame of reference, I suppose that her conclusion of deporting children makes sense.  By that logic, the children should have been aborted in the womb, so they wouldn’t be a problem now.

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Health Care Is Our Leading Cause of Death

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A new Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. This includes deaths from surgical mistakes, incorrect medications, and treating the wrong patient, and it places medical errors just behind heart disease and cancer as our biggest killers.

However, the exact number of these types of deaths is probably much higher because this estimate doesn’t include things like errors in diagnoses and breakdowns in communications. Most of all, it doesn’t include the countless times that an egotistical doctor can’t admit when he is wrong. The real number of deaths from medical errors is probably easily 500,000. How can this be?

Well, doctors come out of medical school with a unwarranted chip on their shoulder. They recognize that they have spent more time and money on their education than most people, and somehow they think they can do no wrong. Then when the inevitable mistake occurs, they can’t admit it. They use their training to their own advantage by manipulating the records to make themselves look better. And we patients are partly to blame because, for unknown reasons, we agree to elevate them in social status and treat them like gods. Everybody needs to know that doctors make mistakes.

Why is it not difficult for me to believe that doctors would resort to immoral and illegal tactics to save their own reputations? Well, it’s because I’ve been to see doctors a few times. I can see and sense their huge egos and feelings of superiority. I also know that they make tons of money, and, unlike in previous days, that seems to be the driving force behind their careers. During the past two years, two of my regular doctors have retired to their tropical islands at about age 50. Their excuse: Obamacare paperwork–while trying to help hurting people didn’t seem to enter into their retirement plans. Whatever happened to the day when doctors felt like they should work into their seventies or eighties to help justify the high cost of their education, and to help people as long as they could?

Furthermore, doctors intentionally cause the deaths of 100,000 HEALTHY babies in the womb every year by performing abortions. Consider the truth about the leading causes of death in the United States each year:

•Abortion: 1,000,000
•Medical Errors: 500,000
•Heart Disease: 500,000
•Cancer: 500,000

Or, here’s another way to look at it:
•Healthcare: 1,500,000 (1,000,000 Intentional & 500,000 Medical Errors)
•Non-preventable: 1,000,000

Why did we modernize the Hippocratic Oath and delete the “first do no harm” objective? Doctors are supposed to help people, not hurt them or abort them. They’re also supposed to be honest.

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Unborn Black Lives Matter

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Since all Black Lives Matter, it follows that Unborn Black Lives Matter (UBLM) as well. African Americans make up about 12.6% of the U.S. population (U. S. Census), but Black mothers account for about 35.4% of all abortions (The U. S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)). African American mothers have over 5 times more abortions as white mothers (The Alan Guttmacher Institute). On the average day in America, 1,876 Black babies are killed by abortion.

A Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader once made a gruesome observation. A few years ago, 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster in Los Angeles outside a pathology laboratory. Some 12,000 to 15,000 of them were Black babies (Erma Clardy Craven).

This has resulted in an astounding loss of life, and these are our own children that we’re talking about. Some 16 million innocent Black children have been willingly and eagerly killed through legalized abortion since 1973.

Considering that the Black population of the U. S. today is about 36 million, the deaths of these 16 million innocent children constitute an enormous loss (Michael Novak). Without abortion, our Black population would be about 52 million, over 30% higher than it is with the killing of our own children. Abortion has killed three of every ten African Americans. In other words, African Americans should make up about 18.2% of our population instead of only 12.6%.

We may call this genocide–the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Or, we may call it infanticide–the act of killing an infant. We may also call it murder, whether or not the courts choose to extend the right to life only to “citizens.”

Since 1973, for every African American that has died due to (other) “violent crimes,” 42 totally innocent African American kids have died from abortion (CDC National Vital Statistics Reports). About six times as many African American children have died from abortion as the total number (all ages) of African Americans who have died from heart disease during this same period.

Consider the 1,876 daily abortions of Black babies in the U. S. At that rate:

– We kill more Black babies every day than all U. S. deaths in the 15-year Afghanistan War (1,742).

– In only two days, we kill more Black babies than the number of people who died on 9/11 (2,606).

– In only three days, we kill more of our own Black children than all U. S. deaths in the Iraq War (4,488).

– Every month, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths in the Vietnam War (58,209).

– It takes only eight months for us to kill as many Black babies as all U. S. deaths in World War II (405,399). In other words, we cause more death to our own African American community every eight months as what Germany and Japan brought upon our whole country in four years of the worst world war in history.

– In a little over one year, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths (both sides) in the Civil War (750,000). Again, we do to ourselves (our African American community alone) every year what it took four years of civil war to do to our entire country.

– Every two years, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths in all wars (1,354,664). So, in the past 40 years, abortion has killed twenty times more Black children than all U. S. deaths in all wars. This is an astonishing number.

“[Martin Luther King, Jr.] once said, ‘The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.’ How can the ‘Dream’ survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.” (Alveda C. King).

The African American community, and everyone else, should be revolted by this latest civil rights issue. Unborn Black Lives Matter because we have murdered 30% of our African American population through legal abortion–far more than all other types of death combined. Of all of those aborted Black children, how many would have grown up to be civil rights leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs, Congressmen, Senators, or U. S. Presidents?

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The Love of Marriage

The Bible uses different words for “love,” and each of them applies to marriage:

The Greek word “agapao” refers to a mental attitude of esteem, free of ill will, sacrificially seeking the welfare of the object of our love.  It’s above an emotional love.  This is the kind of love, first and foremost, that God has for us.  In Ephesians 5:25, a husband is told to love his wife.  He is to have a mental attitude free of ill will toward her.  This is the love that causes a husband to want to pursue good things for his wife–to make sacrifices for his wife even at his own expense.

The Greek word “eros” is the sensual love that a husband has for his wife which is expressed in physical ways.  This is a very private matter for each couple, but also a crucial part of marriage.  A husband can most effectively express this kind of love if he first has the “agapao” type of love for his wife.  However, of course, “eros” requires that the couple is physically together.

The Greek word “phileo” used in the New Testament speaks of emotional attachment.  It’s an unreasoning emotional expression, or friendship.  Here’s a good example of this kind of friendship:  Every night when I come home, I drive into the driveway and raise the garage door.  As the store starts to come up, I’m in eager anticipation to see if my wife’s car is there yet.  If her car is not yet there, I’m disappointed.  However, if I see that her car is already there, I feel a sense of relief because I’m longing to see her due to our deep emotional attachment.  Then it’s even better if she’s waiting at the back door to see me.

Sometimes these emotions lead to a physical rendezvous–a kiss, or something more–and sometimes they don’t.  A wise man once told me, “Most of marriage is spent at arm’s length.”  However, whether we’re physically together or not, the mental love and the emotional love are there all the time.

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If You Know You Can’t Predict the Weather, Why Try?

In early April, the local weathermen in Dallas failed to foresee the widespread storms that brought baseball-sized hail to the Dallas area which caused $1 million in damages. So, they immediately started predicting the next storm–two weeks ahead of time when the storm system was still near Japan.

Doomsday was set for April 26th and the dire warnings became worse each day.  On a scale of one to five, all of North Texas was at a four (next to the worst).  They used their usual terminology, as though weather science is a fact instead of a theory:  “WE WILL GET LARGE HAIL,” “WE WILL GET 60- to 80-MPH DAMAGING WINDS,” etc. They tracked these storms by the minute:  “It will arrive in (your city here) at 10:37 PM.”

Schools were closed and events were canceled.  The storm would bring grapefruit-sized hail. They said that it was going to be so bad that they called it a “PDS” storm–a “Particularly Dangererous Situation”–the first PDS prediction in five years.  (Is this like “Double Secret Probation?”)

Well, instead, we got a nice gentle nine-tenths of an inch of rain.  Here’s a standing forecast that’s better than listening to the weathermen:  “Might rain; might not.”

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I’m Not Proud to Be An American

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If my dad could hear me say those words, he would roll over in his grave. He spent three years under fire in the nasty jungles of the South Pacific during World War II. He felt that his sacrifices were justified and worthwhile, actually fighting for the freedom of his fellow Americans against tyrannical forces who demonstrated that their goal was world-wide conquest.

However, that was the last war that we’ve won, and today America is much different:

– Our military fights wars (and even starts them) when we shouldn’t even be involved in other nations’ struggles, such as their own civil and religious wars of the Middle East. We fight them with no intent to win. We supposedly have the best military in the world, but we haven’t been able to win a war since World War II, including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Yet we are willing to send our youth into wars we refuse to win, and have them die or sustain debilitating injuries. 100,000 have died in our losing efforts in the past 70 years, and we’ve been losing them for 15 years in Afghanistan, so far.

– We try to spread democracy to other nations where we’re not welcomed, only to see them fall into something worse such as civil wars or communism. Then if we do happen to cause a dictator to fall, another one takes his place. If we defeat one group of Muslim rebel forces, they switch sides, start a new radical terrorist group, and move to another area where it’s easier to kill us.

– Our intelligence shouldn’t even be called “intelligence.” It finds WMDs where there are none, but it can’t find real threats like 9/11.

– On 9/11, we weren’t even able to protect ourselves from four hijacked renegade jets that killed nearly 3,000 innocent civilians. It’s unbelievable that even after the first jet hit the World Trade Center, we weren’t able to shoot down the second one before it struck the second tower an hour later.

– At Waco, we went blasting into a compound where we “thought” they might have illegal weapons, even though they hadn’t used them illegally. We killed innocent men, women, and children.

– Our criminal justice system is a joke, with its rich lawyers, judges appointed (not elected) for life, frivolous lawsuits, and fraud. We waste time in the courts determining if Tom Brady should be suspended for a few games for deflating footballs. We let murderers go free and fill our jails with non-violent possessors of an ounce of marijuana. We send innocent people to prison; we apologize 25 years later when DNA evidence is presented; then, we make them millionaires for life–guilty or not.

– Our government is corrupt, and the only thing we can understand about our election process is that it’s unfair and outdated. One has to be rich to get elected, then there are no term limits on his era of corruption. Our presidents lie under oath and abuse power, and they’re supposed to be the epitome of law enforcement.

– We have too many laws, and not enough freedom, at all levels of government. I pay 40% of my income to taxes and I receive very little back in benefits (no government employee or pension checks, no monthly benefits checks, etc.). The 70,000 pages of the IRS code doesn’t work. It can’t find billions of dollars in unreported income of drug dealers, but it can find time to audit middle-income Americans. We over-regulate and over-tax businesses and consumers, then we bail out the industries that we forced into bankruptcies, all at taxpayer expense. Obamacare doesn’t work, except for the individual mandate that fines people who can’t afford healthcare. What sense does that make?

– Proper healthcare and pharmaceuticals are cost-prohibitive for most Americans, even with expensive insurance. Our healthcare and drugs usually don’t help much anyway. In fact, they often make matters worse with incorrect diagnoses, wrong prescriptions, unnecessary and botched surgeries, and staff infections from filthy hospitals.

– Despite great advances in civil rights, we’re unable to put our racial hatred behind us.

– We eagerly and legally kill one million innocent unborn children each year by abortion. Yes, climate may be real; we may be causing it; and, it may eventually raise sea levels and be a threat to us. However, abortion is real too, and it’s here now–killing millions.

Yes, sorry Dad, but it’s not the same country you fought for.

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