508 Days

On April 10th, 2009, an acquaintance of mine suffered an accident after which he never regained consciousness.  He never got to meet his son who was born just one month later.  Until his death on August 28th, 2010, his comatose life was spent in hospitals and nursing homes, with breathing hoses, feeding tubes, and grieving family members who were eager to grasp at any glimmer of hope for a miracle. 

Every day, for 16 months, his wife would update a blog.  It included the number of days since the accident, and her husband’s latest status, as well as her own true feelings. 

Then, after 508 days, he died.  Right now, I have no answers–only questions?  How could this be the outcome when so many thousands of peo0ple were praying daily for his recovery?  How could God answer, “No” that many times, when He would have received so much glory by answering “Yes” one single time by providing a miraculous recovery?  Even if this was to be the outcome, why couldn’t it have happened much earlier, enabling the rest of the family to get on with their lives much more quickly?  Why did God finally act on Day 508?  What was so different about that day?

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