Is Heaven for Real?

The book Heaven is For Real, by Todd Burpo gives a young boy’s account of dying, going to heaven, and being brought back to life on earth. He went up out of his body; saw his parents in different rooms–praying, etc.; spoke with angels; and, sat in Jesus’ lap. He was gone for three minutes, then Jesus brought him back, due to answered prayer. When I googled “Heaven is for real,” I got a half-million hits on articles like, “Boy Whose ‘Heaven Is For Real’ Story Captivated the World Speaks …”

It’s a well-meaning story of trying to convince people that heaven is for real, and maybe it even happened. Regardless, the wise reader will treat such claims with skepticism.

The book makes claims such as: Jesus had a cousin; Jesus had a rainbow horse; Jesus had red markers, on his hands and feet (supposedly for nail scars); Jesus’ eyes are pretty; Jesus was wearing purple (the color of kings); Jesus was wearing a crown, with a diamond, and pink in the middle; the boy had homework, and Jesus was his teacher;everyone wore white from shoulders to feet; the boy saw God’s really big throne, and Jesus’ at His right hand; there was no darkness in heaven–God and Jesus light up; Jesus really loves the children; the boy prayed for a rainbow, and got one; the first person you see is Jesus; Jesus shoots down power for daddy when he’s talking; the boy saw Satan, and only grimaced when asked about him; there’s going to be a war against Satan, monsters, dragons, and bad people; and, Jesus said he had told his dad to be a pastor. It is quite possible that each of these claims might have come through a Bible story (his dad was a pastor), a picture, or a dream.

He also made a couple of claims that I believe are incorrect, or misleading, at best: He claimed that everybody had wings, and a halo, except for Jesus. Although this could also have come from a story, a picture, or a dream, the thing to note is that it is not biblical, and, frankly, it is bad doctrine. Since the writing of the New Testament, stories and traditions have come down through the generations that people become angels when they die and go to heaven. However, angels and people are two completely different categories of God’s creation. Angels stay angels, and people stay people–forever. Wings may be for angels, and birds, but not for people. For further reading on this topic, please see “Do We Become Angels When We Die?

The boy also identified a picture (a painting) of Christ, with long hair. Again, this comes from false doctrine. 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 says “Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory?” How could a sinless man have had long hair, and thus been a disgrace?

The boy also said that Gabriel was at God’s left hand and that the Holy Spirit was blue. It’s easy to make these very subjective claims, but unfortunately, there is no way to prove them. All we know for sure is that the Bible doesn’t teach such claims.

However, there were two claims in the book that are more difficult to discount:

1) The boy met his great-grandfather, who had big wings, and later he was supposedly able to identify his picture. Although this story may be a little easier to believe (except for the wings, the source of it could once again been from family pictures and / or stories, or family resemblance.

2) The boy met his sister who had died in a miscarriage. This is the most intriguing claim that I found in this book. However, this again is quite subjective and not provably true. It could have been a dream.

Yes, we do know that heaven is for real. However, this is not due to this boy’s story. It’s true because the Bible says so.

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220,000 California Public Employees Making Over $100,000

At recently reported:

220,000 California public employees make over $100,000 per year and cost taxpayers $35 Billion.


We found lifeguard bosses making $256,000; City of San Francisco truck drivers at $183,000; city attorneys earning $419,000; LA harbor-boat-pilots up to $483,000; an ‘assistant sheriff’ netted $653,000; and the list goes on and on…

21,862 highly compensated, retired California public employees make over $100,000 per year and cost taxpayers $3.0 billion.


It takes all income taxes from 1.573 million California taxpayers to generate an amount equivalent to the $3.0 billion annual payout to the six-figure CalPERS retirees.

We found a ‘$1 Million General Manager’ position and even private employers muscled into the California public pension plans. A city manager is retired on $313,404 per month and the list goes on and on…

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John Young

I met John Young (and Bob Crippen) back in 1979 when I was a software developer on the first Space Shuttle program:

The “Mercury Seven” Astronauts:

– Scott Carpenter,
– Gordon Cooper,
– John Glenn,
– Gus Grissom,
– Wally Schirra,
– Alan Shepard,
– Deke Slayton

The “New Nine” Astronauts:

– Neil A. Armstrong (1930–2012), civilian (retired U.S. Navy) (2 flights)
– Frank F. Borman, II (born 1928), U.S. Air Force (2 flights)
– Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr (1930–1999), U.S. Navy (4 flights)
– James A. Lovell, Jr (born 1928), U.S. Navy (4 flights)
– James A. McDivitt (born 1929), U.S. Air Force (2 flights)
– Elliot M. See, Jr (1927–1966), U.S. Navy
– Thomas P. Stafford (born 1930), U.S. Air Force (4 flights)
– Edward H. White, II (1930–1967), U.S. Air Force (1 flight)
– John W. Young (born 1930), U.S. Navy (6 flights)

John W. Young:

  • Gemini 3 — March 1965 —
    – Pilot — First manned Gemini mission; first manned mission to change orbital plane
  • Gemini 10 — July 1966 —
    – Command Pilot — First double rendezvous (first orbital docking)
  • Apollo 10 — May 1969 —
    – Command Module Pilot — “Dress rehearsal” for Apollo 11
    – First lunar orbital flight of Lunar Module (first lunar module orbit moon, @ 50K ft. from the moon’s surface)
    – First person to orbit the Moon alone
    – Highest speed attained by a manned vehicle (24,791 mph)
  • Apollo 16 — April 1972 —
    – Commander — Fifth manned lunar mission
    – Young became the ninth person to walk on the Moon
  • STS-1 Columbia — April 1981 —
    – Commander — First Space Shuttle mission (first reusable space shuttle to fly into earth’s orbit)
    – Maiden flight of Columbia
  • STS-9 Columbia — November 1983 —
    – Commander — First Spacelab mission
    – Young became the first person to travel into space six times
    – First six-person crew
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Chicago Departments Paying $100,000+ Incomes

Click here for the Top Ten Chicago Departments Paying $100,000+ Incomes.  

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9/11 Every Day

What could be worse than the tragedies we all saw on 9/11/2001?  Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives in the terror attack. 

Well, we (Americans) kill about 3,000 unborn children every day through legalized abortion.  This is like having a 9/11 attack every day.  Except this attack is by Americans (doctors and parents), upon fellow Americans.  Furthermore, it robs each of these children of 80 years of life before their first breath, often via a violent (terror) attack of chemicals (chemical attacks) and scalpels. 


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Quietness and Humility

Please click here for the doctrines of quietness and humility.

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Federal Pensions

We taxpayers pay $125,000,000,000 ($125 billion) in federal pensions each year (more than the budget for the state of Texas).  And we’re on the hook for $3,500,000,000,000 ($3.5 trillion) in unfunded federal pensions.  Read this article about how to make federal pensions transparent.

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Why is the Mainstream Media so Partisan?

Why is the mainstream media so liberal and partisan?  I believe that it’s because our journalist are being educated in mainstream colleges and taught by left-wing professors.  Public colleges and universities receive lots of (federal and state) taxpayer money, and they create huge endowments with it.  This is just another form of the welfare state, and since it’s promoted by the left, it attracts left-wing, and often radical, professors.  Conservatives need to crash this niche in the education market, but they can’t seem to do so.

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Improving Education

The Democratic Party Platform states, “Democrats know that every child, no matter who they are, how much their families earn, or where they live, should have access to a high-quality education, from preschool through high school and beyond.”

Republicans promoted “No child left behind.”

So what is the first step in improving education for “every child, no matter who they are?”  How about not killing them before they are born.  We legally kill one million children each year through abortion.  How can a child expect to “have access to a high-quality education, from preschool through high school and beyond” if he is aborted in the womb?  Each of those children is “left behind.”

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Seven Distinctions of the Church Age

Believers in the age of grace have many unique features that believers of other ages (Gentiles, Jews) did not.  These our ours, and ours alone, as Christians:

1) Positional Truth – Every believe, at the point of salvation is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Lord Jesus Christ so that he becomes a child of the royal family of God forever.

2) The universal indwelling of Christ – The Lord Jesus Chris indwells every Christian for personal fellowship and
for sharing all of the riches that are possessed by the Son of God.

3) The universal indwelling of the Holy Spirit – God the Holy Spirit, at the point of salvation, comes to permanently indwell the Christian’s body as His temple to be there for power in the Christian’s life and for the guidance of the individual believer.  The believer must look to Him for that guidance on the basis of the word of God that he has stored in our human spirit.

4) The universal priesthood of the believer – Every Christian is his own priest before God in dealing with his sins and with his Christian service mission.

5) The completed canon of Scripture – No previous age had the completed Bible with the Old and New Testaments.

6) A supernatural way of life – As Christians, a supernatural way of life has been made possible.  The Jews did not have this through the law.  With the indwelling of Christ in us, we can live a supernaturally good life, above sin.

7) The filling of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit desires to fill (control) every believer.  The Christian can be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) by confession of sin (1 John 1:9).  In that state, he can be a spiritual Christian.  He can live the true Christian life, understand the Word, do God’s will, and earn spiritual rewards.


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