What’s Worse Than the Las Vegas Shooting?

In the tragic Las Vegas shooting, a maniac shot and killed 58 innocent people.  What could be worse?

Imagine a day when this tragedy was repeated 50 times, and 2,900 people were killed.  Then the same thing happened the next day, and the next.  That day is today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  Every single day, doctors and mothers kill 3,000 unborn babies in the U. S. through abortion.  But, somehow, that’s OK because we have a federal law saying so.  These children are more innocent than any of us–never having committed a single act of hatred or violence against anyone else, or probably not even having a single thought of ill will.  Yet they were legally aborted–assaulted and killed, not with guns but with scalpels and deadly drugs.

Abortion is like having 50 Las Vegas shootings every day.

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