Basic Bible Doctrine in 94 Lessons

Learn the fundamentals of basic Bible doctrine in 94 lessons.  You can choose to view the lessons in your browser, download them to Word, or download the MP3 files to listen to them on your PC or audio device.  Each of the 94 lessons is approximately 45 minutes long and is a part of one of the following categories:  salvation; pastors; believers; grace; spiritual gifts; giving; or, the Bible itself.

 Salvation Web Page  Word Document  Audio MP3
  1) Intro-01 How to Go to Heaven Intro-01 Word Intro-01 MP3
  2) BD01-01 Redemption (Purchase) BD01-01 Word BD01-01 MP3
  3) BD01-02 Expiation (Atonement) BD01-02 Word BD01-02 MP3
  4) BD02-01 Regeneration (New Birth) BD02-01 Word BD02-01 MP3
  5) BD02-02 Propitiation (Appeasement) BD02-02 Word BD02-02 MP3
  6) BD03-01 Imputation & Justification BD03-01 Word BD03-01 MP3
  7) BD03-02 Position in Christ BD03-02 Word BD03-02 MP3
  8) BD06-01 The Role of the Pastor-Teacher BD06-01 Word BD06-01 MP3
  9) BD06-02 The Ministry of the Pastor-Teacher BD06-02 Word BD06-02 MP3
10) BD07-01 The Purpose of the Pastor-Teacher Gift, #1 BD07-01 Word BD07-01 MP3 
11) BD07-02 The Purpose of the Pastor-Teacher Gift, #2 BD07-02 Word BD07-02 MP3
12) BD08-01 The Purpose of the Pastor-Teacher Gift, #3 BD08-01 Word BD08-01 MP3
13) BD08-02 The Purpose of the Pastor-Teacher Gift, #4 BD08-02 Word BD08-02 MP3
14) Intro-02 The Christian Life Intro-02 Word Intro-02 MP3
15) BD04-01 The Old Sin Nature in Salvation BD04-01 Word BD04-01 MP3
16) BD04-02 Forgiveness Through Confession of Sin BD04-02 Word BD04-02 MP3
17) BD05-01 The Neutralization of Confessed Sin BD05-01 Word BD05-01 MP3
18) BD05-02 Frustrating the Grace of God BD05-02 Word BD05-02 MP3
19) BD09-01 The Spiritual Maturity Structure BD09-01 Word BD09-01 MP3
20) BD09-02 Grace Orientation, #1 BD09-02 Word BD09-02 MP3
21) BD10-01 Grace Orientation, #2 BD10-01 Word BD10-01 MP3
22) BD10-02 Mastery of the Details of Life, #1 BD10-02 Word BD10-02 MP3
23) BD11-01 Mastery of the Details of Life, #2 BD11-01 Word BD11-01 MP3
24) BD11-02 Relaxed Mental Attitude, #1 BD11-02 Word BD11-02 MP3
25) BD12-01 Relaxed Mental Attitude, #2 BD12-01 Word BD12-01 MP3
26) BD12-02 Relaxed Mental Attitude, #3 BD12-02 Word BD12-02 MP3
27) BD13-01 Relaxed Mental Attitude, #4 BD13-01 Word BD13-01 MP3
28) BD13-02 Relaxed Mental Attitude, #5 BD13-02 Word BD13-02 MP3
29) BD14-01 The Capacity to Love, #1 BD14-01 Word BD14-01 MP3
30) BD14-02 The Capacity to Love, #2 BD14-02 Word BD14-02 MP3
31) BD15-01 The Capacity to Love, #3 BD15-01 Word BD15-01 MP3
32) BD15-02 The Capacity to Love, #4 BD15-02 Word BD15-02 MP3
33) BD16-01 Inner Happiness, #1 BD16-01 Word BD16-01 MP3
34) BD16-02 Inner Happiness, #2 BD16-02 Word BD16-02 MP3
35) BD17-01 Satan, the Enemy of Our Souls BD17-01 Word BD17-01 MP3
36) BD17-02 The Attack on the Woman BD17-02 Word BD17-02 MP3
37) BD18-01 The Fall Into Sin BD18-01 Word BD18-01 MP3
38) BD18-02 The Results of the Fall BD18-02 Word BD18-02 MP3
39) BD19-01 Pronouncement of Judgment, #1 BD19-01 Word BD19-01 MP3
40) BD19-02 Pronouncement of Judgment, #2 BD19-02 Word BD19-02 MP3
41) BD20-01 Pronouncement of Judgment, #3 BD20-01 Word BD20-01 MP3
42) BD20-02 Project Footstool BD20-02 Word BD20-02 MP3
43) BD21-01 The Demonic World BD21-01 Word BD21-01 MP3
44) BD21-02 Demonic Possession, #1 – Idolatry BD21-02 Word BD21-02 MP3
45) BD22-01 Demonic Possession, #2 – Sex BD22-01 Word BD22-01 MP3
46) BD22-02 Demonic Possession, #3 – Drugs BD22-02 Word BD22-02 MP3
47) BD23-01 Speaking With the Dead, #1 BD23-01 Word BD23-01 MP3
48) BD23-02 Speaking With the Dead, #2 BD23-02 Word BD23-02 MP3
49) BD24-01 Satan Tempts the God-Man BD24-01 Word BD24-01 MP3
Spiritual Gifts
50) BD24-02 The Background of Christian Service BD24-02 Word BD24-02 MP3
51) BD25-01 Spiritual Gifts – Preparation for Christian Service BD25-01 Word BD25-01 MP3
52) BD25-02 Spiritual Gifts and the Trinity BD25-02 Word BD25-02 MP3
53) BD26-01 The Permanent Spiritual Gifts BD26-01 Word BD26-01 MP3
54) BD26-02 Identifying and Using Spiritual Gifts BD26-02 Word BD26-02 MP3
55) BD27-01 Introduction to Temporary Spiritual Gifts BD27-01 Word BD27-01 MP3
56) BD27-02 The Gift of Miracles BD27-02 Word BD27-02 MP3
57) BD28-01 The Gift of Healing BD28-01 Word BD28-01 MP3
58) BD28-02 The Gift of Tongues, #1 BD28-02 Word BD28-02 MP3
59) BD29-01 The Gift of Tongues, #2 BD29-01 Word BD29-01 MP3
60) BD29-02 The Gift of Tongues, #3 BD29-02 Word BD29-02 MP3
61) BD30-01 The Gift of Tongues, #4 BD30-01 Word BD30-01 MP3
62) BD30-02 The Gift of Tongues, #5 BD30-02 Word BD30-02 MP3
63) BD31-01 The Gift of Tongues, #6 BD31-01 Word BD31-01 MP3
64) BD31-02 The Gift of Tongues, #7 BD31-02 Word BD31-02 MP3
65) BD32-01 The Gift of Tongues, #8 BD32-01 Word BD32-01 MP3
66) BD32-02 The Gift of Tongues, #9 BD32-02 Word BD32-02 MP3
67) BD33-01 The Grace Way of Giving, #1 BD33-01 Word BD33-01 MP3
68) BD33-02 The Grace Way of Giving, #2 BD33-02 Word BD33-02 MP3
69) BD34-01 The Grace Way of Giving, #3 BD34-01 Word BD34-01 MP3
70) BD34-02 The Grace Way of Giving, #4 BD34-02 Word BD34-02 MP3
71) BD35-01 The Grace Way of Giving, #5 BD35-01 Word BD35-01 MP3
72) BD35-02 The Grace Way of Giving, #6 BD35-02 Word BD35-02 MP3
73) BD36-01 The Grace Way of Giving, #7 BD36-01 Word BD36-01 MP3
74) BD36-02 The Grace Way of Giving, #8 BD36-02 Word BD36-02 MP3
75) BD37-01 The Grace Way of Giving, #9 BD37-01 Word BD37-01 MP3
76) BD37-02 The Grace Way of Giving, #10 BD37-02 Word BD37-02 MP3
The Bible Itself
77) BD38-01 The Origin of the Bible, #1 BD38-01 Word BD38-01 MP3
78) BD38-02 The Origin of the Bible, #2 BD38-02 Word BD38-02 MP3
79) BD39-01 The Bible into English BD39-01 Word BD39-01 MP3
80) BD39-02 The Bible and Higher Criticism BD39-02 Word BD39-02 MP3
81) BD40-01 The Basis of the Liberal View of the Bible BD40-01 Word BD40-01 MP3
82) BD40-02 The Bible and the Modern Mind BD40-02 Word BD40-02 MP3
83) BD41-01 Today’s New Theology and the Bible BD41-01 Word BD41-01 MP3
84) BD41-02 The Inspiration of the Bible, No. 1 BD41-02 Word BD41-02 MP3
85) BD42-01 The Inspiration of the Bible, No. 2 BD42-01 Word BD42-01 MP3
86) BD42-02 The Inerrancy of the Bible, #1 BD42-02 Word BD42-02 MP3
87) BD43-01 The Inerrancy of the Bible (Bible “Errors”,) #2 BD43-01 Word BD43-01 MP3
88) BD45-01 The Inerrancy of the Bible, #3 BD45-01 Word BD45-01 MP3
89) BD45-02 The Inerrancy of the Bible, #4 BD45-02 Word BD45-02 MP3
90) BD46-01 The Inerrancy of the Bible, #5 BD46-01 Word BD46-01 MP3
91) BD46-02 The Inerrancy of the Bible, #6 BD46-02 Word BD46-02 MP3
92) BD43-02 The Canon of Scripture, #1 BD43-02 Word BD43-02 MP3
93) BD44-01 The Canon of Scripture, #2 BD44-01 Word BD44-01 MP3
94) BD44-02 The Canon of Scripture, #3 BD44-02 Word BD44-02 MP3
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