Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Know What Hypocrisy Is

In a recent presidential debate, Bernie Sanders showed that he doesn’t know what hypocrisy is.  He was accusing Republicans of “hating” the government because they think government is too big.  He went on to say that they want to end Social Security, etc.  Then he said that when it comes to killing our unborn children, the Republicans suddenly change and want government to step in.  He said, “If that’s not hypocrisy, then I don’t know what hypocrisy is.”  Well, that isn’t hypocrisy, and no, he doesn’t seem to know what hypocrisy is.

The government is not charged with doing much, but we all agree that it is charged with keeping us free as long as we don’t hurt (or murder) others.  In other words, perhaps the first of a short list of what the government needs to do is to keep us from murdering each other because that destroys a person’s life as well as his freedom.  Other things such as social injustices, Social Security, etc. can’t even come into play if we can just snuff out other people’s lives at will.  We claim to offer “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” not “murder, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  That just makes no sense.  How can one have freedom to pursue happiness if he has no life?

Perhaps a better example of hypocrisy is when we claim to offer “choice” but not life.  It’s not possible. Abortion destroys both life and choice.

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