Gratitude is the Key to Prayer

I recently received a secular e-mail that said:

Take a moment to reflect on your day… What are three things you feel grateful for?
List them out:


Regular practice of gratitude correlates with significant changes in the body’s biochemistry. Researchers have found that consistent practice produces major health benefits, including up to a 23% reduction in cortisol, a stress hormone associated with several health issues. Additionally, gratitude practice provides an opportunity to stay present in the moment and appreciate what we have rather than focus on what we don’t. This steady practice affords us the ability to avoid undesirable attitudes such as envy, anger, or judgment; and instead focus on more positive feelings and emotions.  

Then on that same day, I read Philippians 4:6 that talks tells us to prayer with thanksgiving. Somehow, my days at work immediately got much better, and I’m making it day by day.

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