How Can We Teach Children How to Go to Heaven?

We need to teach our children how to go to heaven, and what Christianity is all about.  From God’s point of view, our purpose here on earth is to bring glory, honor, and praise to Him.  From our point of view, this means that we need to develop a relationship with God that will last throughout our lifetime on earth, and forever in heaven.  So, it’s only natural that we want to know how to go to heaven. 

There’s a song called “I Wasn’t There, But I Believe It Happened,” and I think that the words of this song explain what Christianity teaches about how to go to heaven, and it does so in a way that children, as well as adults, can understand. 

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3 Responses to “How Can We Teach Children How to Go to Heaven?”

  1. Yes we can and should teach Children How to Go to Heaven

  2. Based on the age and awareness of the child to discover if the child is at the age of accountability with the lessons on a level they can and will understand the need of accepting Christ as their savior, they can be taught how to be sure that they will go to heaven.

  3. The need to learn how to go to heaven is a requirement of God based on their age of accountability which differs according to at home ad parental teaching. The material must be based not only on scripture but on a level easily understood often determined by age. Once that level is found then scriptural material is to be generated prior to presentation of the material. Then in order to make certain that the material was understood and accepted by the child, they should be questioned by a parent or adult saved church worker where the questions are answered correctly by the child, then it is certain that the child has understood and accepted the need to go to heaven is assured by the church body.

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