How Did Jesus Do All That Stuff?

In Luke chapter 4, Jesus did many amazing things, including the following:

– He ate nothing for forty days (verse 2)

– He taught with such authority (15, 31) that the people were amazed (32)

– Yet, his teaching filled the people with rage, and they drove Him out of the city (28 – 29)

– He laid hands on the sick and healed them all (39 – 40)

Did Christ do these things in His divinity, or in His humanity; i.e., are these among the things that we should do because Christ did them, or was He a special case in this regard?  I suggest that Jesus did these things out of His humanity, and that each of us is expected to do them as well.  In fact, we’re told how to attain the power to do them:

– In verse 42, Jesus went to a secluded place to pray.  If we’re going to accomplish such marvelous things, we must pray; and we must seclude ourselves in prayer in order to give our undivided attention to God.

– In verse 43, Christ continued fulfilling His purpose by preaching.  We don’t each have a gift of preaching, but we do each have a spiritual gift.  Without looking to what gifts others may have, we simply need to pray that we will effectively use the gift that God has given us.

– Finally, we see in several places in Luke chapter 4 that Jesus did these marvelous things by the power of the Holy Spirit:

– Jesus was “full of the Holy Spirit” (1).

– He was “led around by the Spirit” (1).

– He was “in the power of the Spirit” (14).

We must likewise fully submit to the Holy Spirit, and simply let Him do wonderful things through us, all to God’s glory.

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