How I Learned to Live With Failure

I hate to fail.  Failure seems to reflect poorly on me as a person.  It says that I was incapable and / or incompetent.  It seems to imply that I wasn’t smart enough, although it’s often just the result of poor judgment.  Sometimes I seem to fail at the most important things, and succeed only at the little mundane tasks for which I seem over-qualified. 

I feel the same way about sin.  I hate to sin, but I keep doing it, and confessing it to God.  I find myself repeating the same sin, and having to confess it over and over again. 

Well, sin and failure are just part of our lives because we still live in the flesh.  However, they also represent how we learn.  We learn through our mistakes. 

I’ve recently been dabbling in Internet Marketing, and I’ve learned a lot from my mentor.  One of his favorite slogans is that we should learn how to “fail fast.”  We should expect failures, learn how to recognize them, and then quickly move on to another project. 

Failures shouldn’t leave us with guilt and self-pity.  We should chalk them up as a valuable learning experience, and be glad that we won’t have to make those same mistakes again.

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