How to Avoid Being Censored

Many recent news articles have described the censorship that Twitter, Facebook, and even Google are using to suppress certain stories of interest, usually based upon political bias. Some are calling for an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” to ensure a free press, but the government has not proven to be any more trustworthy or to have any more integrity than these web giants. How can you avoid being censored?

Well, you can avoid using these popular websites. For example, you can search the web using Microsoft Bing instead of Google. You can avoid Twitter and Facebook altogether, and just send e-mails instead.

However, the best way to escape such censorship is to simply host your own website, like this one. Granted, you may get only a few thousand pageviews per month, but I can write whatever I want on this site without it being censored by any large corporation. With fewer pageviews, you’ll have less chance of anything going viral, but at least your own truth is sure to be published.

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