Is Belief Just a Cover-Up For Insecurity?

During the recent “Does Satan Exist?” debate, I heard Deepak Chopra say, “Belief is a cover-up for insecurity.”  This also reminded me that Jessie Ventura once said that only weak people need religion.  Should believers be offended by such remarks? 

Well, such comments are intended to offend us, but I think that the appropriate response is to closely examine what these men are saying.  Could the Christian faith really be for people who are weak and insecurity?  Doesn’t sin cause us to be insecure?  Don’t we fear that sin could cause us to be eternally separated from God?  Aren’t we insecure, weak, and helpless to fix this problem ourselves?  We know from the book of Romans that God exists, and that we need Christ the savior to intervene for us. 

Also, isn’t the Christian faith all about humility?  Before we can even become Christians, we have to humble ourselves, acknowledging that we’re incapable of fixing the problem of sin.  It’s easy for us to concede that we’re not as strong or as secure as God the Father, or Jesus the Son.  It’s even easy for us to admit that we’re not as strong as Jessie Ventura thinks he is, or as secure as Deepak Chopra thinks he is.  I submit that it’s Chopra’s own insecurity that causes him to make the kind of statements that he does.  We should acknowledge our insecurity, and thank God for our weakness, because it’s these kind of humbling traits that allow us to be drawn to Christ.  We should simply pray that those like Chopra and Ventura will acknowledge their insecurities and turn to Christ as well. 

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