What Happens to a Christian When He Dies?

What happens immediately after death for a believer? 

Thank you for your question.  Death means separation, and for a person, physical death means separation of the soul from the body.  For a Christian, since he also has a living spirit, it means separation of the soul and spirit from the body.  At the point of physical death for a Christian, his soul and spirit are immediately transferred to heaven to be with Christ (2 Corinthians 5:3-8).  His body, of course, is left on earth to be buried, cremated, decay, etc.  This is all temporary.  At the point of the rapture, our (decayed) bodies will be restored for the us, and we will live in eternity with our resurrected (glorified) bodies (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).  We will return to the earth with Christ at His Second Coming to help with the administration of the 1000-year millennium (Revelation 19-21).  Then, Satan will be cast into the lake of fire, and God will create a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21:1), and our permanent home for eternity will be that new earth.

For more information, please see my FAQ article at https://www.christiandataresources.com/frequentlyaskedbiblequestions.htm.

I hope this helps.



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Federal Employees Cost $1 Million per Minute

According to a new report, the federal government collectively paid 1.97 million federal employees $136.3 billion, That works out to $1 million per minute, $66 million per hour, and $524 million per day. Read the full article. 

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Highlights of Prophecy

Christian Data Resources presents:

Highlights of Prophecy


The World of Prophecy

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Jerusalem, City of Destiny

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The Rapture

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The Judgment Seat of Christ

The Marriage of the Lamb

Life in the Millennium

 Basic Bible Doctrine      The Techniques of the Christian Life      Marriage     Christian Service and Human Government

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Paradise vs. Heaven

According to the bible what is the difference between paradise and heaven? The reason that I ask this is because Jesus told the thief on the cross that today they would be together in paradise. Why did he not say heaven? A Mormon friend of mine tells me it is a place in heaven that is nice but it is not with God. Thus, there are different levels in heaven, and only the very righteous get to be close to God? I always assumed that Jesus was talking about heaven but it does say paradise, so is that another place beside heaven? Did Jesus not go right to heaven but to this paradise until he was resurrected? I’m having more and more questions? 

Thank you for your question. Yes, the use of the word “paradise” in the Bible can be confusing. I believe that our definitive passage on this is the story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31.

When the rich man died, he went to a place called “Hades” (verse 23), which was a place of torments. When Lazarus died, he went to a place called “Abraham’s bosom,” which Bible scholars have associated with paradise.

Apparently, when people died in Old Testament times (including the times referenced in the Gospels), their bodies went into a grave, but apparently there was a temporary holding place for their souls. The Bible uses a term called hell, such as in Matthew 5:22, but the terminology is slightly different than what we normally use. Hell is the lake of fire where all unbelievers will spend eternity (Revelation 20:14-15). Apparently, however, the temporary holding place (sometimes called Sheol, or Purgatory) had a compartment for separate compartments for believers and unbelievers. (This is where the Catholics (mistakenly) built their doctrine of purgatory.) Unbelievers spent this period in the part called torments (Luke 16:23), while believers spent this time in a place called paradise (Luke 23:43).

However, with the resurrection of Jesus (the first resurrection), these Old Testament believers were transferred from paradise to Heaven. This is apparently what was going on in Matthew 7:53, which is a very difficult passage.

Now, for us, it’s completely different. Since the resurrection of Christ has already occurred, and He has ascended to Heaven, when believers die today, our bodies go to a grave, and our spirits go straight to Heaven (2 Corinthians 5:1-8) to be with Christ.

I hope this helps.



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Public Employees Cost Us Nearly $1 Trillion

OpenTheBooks.com just published an article saying that the 19 million public employees in the U.S. now cost us $1 trillion per year in salaries. Click here to read the full article.

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What is God’s name? 

Exodus 6:3 tells us that God’s name is “the LORD” (NIV), or “Jehovah” (KJV), and in the Hebrew this is “El-Shaddai.”



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Names for Jesus

Jesus is English for “Iesus” (Greek). Joshua is English for Yeshua (Hebrew). Everywhere I’ve looked on-line everyone says that Jesus and Yeshua are the same name. How can this be?

Thank you for your question. This is a bit confusing, and it gets somewhat technical. “Yeshua” is the contracted form of the Hebrew name “Yehoshua.” Both are used in the Old Testament, and the English spelling for both is “Joshua.” The specific use for this name in the Old Testament was for the man who succeeded Moses–not specifically for the Messiah, because the Old Testament does not refer to the Messiah by this name. Now, in about 200 B.C., the Old Testament was translated from Hebrew to Greek in a work known as the Septuagint, for the benefit of those Jews who spoke Greek. So, we can learn a lot from the way the Hebrew words were translated into Greek at that time.

In the Septuagint, in Numbers 13;16, the Hebrew name “Yehoshua” was transliterated into the Greek name “Iesou;” i.e., another form of “Iesous,” with a different case ending because of the way it’s used in the Greek grammar. (Note that “transliteration” just means changing each letter in the Hebrew name Yeshua into Greek, letter by letter, since names often cannot be specifically “translated.”) In Nehemiah 8:17, the Hebrew name “Yeshua” was also transliterated into the Greek name “Iesou.”

Since “Iesous” is the exact English transliteration of the Greek name “Iesou,” we can conclude that the Greek name “Iesous” equates to the Hebrew name “Yeshua,” and its English spelling is “Jesus.” Furthermore, the name “Joshua” is the English form of the Hebrew word “Yeshua,” and the name “Jesus” is the English form of the Greek word “Iesous.” So, the names “Joshua” and “Jesus” are essentially the same. It could be said that each one is an English pronunciations for the name of the Lord; one from the Hebrew and one from the Greek.



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I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

Steven Crowder (I’m Pro-Life, Change My Mind) has a great argument for pro-lifers. When confronted for his pro-life stance, he says, “You act like I’m not for choice.” He goes on to say that he supports four choices in the argument: abstinence, contraception, motherhood, and adoption (but not murder / abortion). None of us has the choice or the right to commit murder (Exodus 20:13).

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Christian Service and Human Government

Christian Data Resources presents:

Christian Service and Human Government


The Purpose of God

The Constitution

Christian Persecution

Government Restraint in the Ten Commandments

Religious Freedom in the United States

Civil Disobedience

The Christian Approach to Government

America Today


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Is God a Liar?

I have a bunch of questions about the Bible and God. I’ve never believed in God so I sat down and started reading the Bible. Within the first 4 pages I had seriously 150 questions. God made the serpent in the tree of knowledge that serpent lied to Eve then Eve lied to Adam. Why? So life started out on lies?

Life didn’t really start out on lies.  Life in the Garden of Eden started out perfectly, and we aren’t told how long it continued that way before man chose to sin.  But, yes, then man ruined it by falling into sin.  These are not simple issues, but I would suggest the four articles below from https://www.christiandataresources.com/basicbibledoctrine.htm.

35) BD17-01 Satan, the Enemy of Our Souls

36) BD17-02 The Attack on the Woman

37) BD18-01 The Fall Into Sin

38) BD18-02 The Results of the Fall

Jesus is actually God showing himself to us? But yet Jesus is God’s son. But now I’m hearing Jesus is actually God. I’m sorry but I don’t trust liars & it seems to me God is nothing but a liar and enjoys deceiving people.

Yes, I believe that Jesus is God, but this is one of the most controversial and difficult subjects in the Bible.  Please see the short article at https://www.christiandataresources.com/trinity.htm for clarification.

Everybody that made god mad in the beginning was killed by the flood. Why doesn’t he just get rid of the evil and keep all good doers?

All men (except Jesus Christ) were born with an old sin nature, so none of us is good (Isaiah 64:6). So, God had made a plan to be able to deal justly with sin, and yet deal with us sinners in grace and give us eternal life.  Please see:  https://www.christiandataresources.com/intro-01.htm.

If Adam & Eve started life then we’re all related and incest was the beginning of everything. It all makes no sense.

Well, we’re all related, but not as a result of incest.  In the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve to populate the earth (Genesis 1:28).  Obviously, with only one man and one woman on earth, Adam and Eve began their family with each other.  And, for the same reason, there was not yet a need for a law against incest, until Leviticus 18.

Plus everything has to come from something. If God made all this, where did He come from, and why does he let evil people murder & rape children and let people make really harmful diseases? Like I said the first 4 pages of the Bible just shows me He’s nothing but a liar and deceiver. I’m really trying to believe but I honestly don’t trust liars, but I’m seriously looking for help on this topic. 

The Bible doesn’t deal with the subject of where God came from.  He does let bad things happen to us, but I don’t think this would be happening if man hadn’t first disobeyed God through sin.  If He were to ultimately let bad things happen to us, he wouldn’t have saved us from our own sin by His plan of salvation through the death of (the perfect) Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins.  Again, please see the articles noted above for more clarification.

Bible study may seem difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier as you start understanding its concepts.  I would suggest that you read the series of Basic Bible Doctrine articles at https://www.christiandataresources.com/basicbibledoctrine.htm.

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