Questionable Bible Doctrines

One of the principles of sound biblical interpretation is that one should not build a doctrine based upon only a single verse or idea. Some doctrines, such as the doctrine of justification by faith alone, are stated emphatically and repeatedly in the Bible, as indicated in the article on Justification by Faith. However, throughout the centuries, many have chosen to build various questionable Bible doctrines with little justification from the Scriptures.

For example, what about evangelicals who preach eternal suffering in hell for unbelievers?  Or, the Roman Catholics’ belief in salvation being (partially) by works and water baptism?  Or, Saturday being the “Christian Sabbath,” as touted by the Seventh-Day Adventists?  Or, the Church of Christ which doesn’t allow musical instruments in their worship?  Or, the Amish who don’t believe in the use of electricity?

Read Questionable Bible Doctrines to see where they got these notions, and whether or not they are Biblical.

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