Reconciling Evolution with Creation

I’ve always leaned toward a literal interpretation of the Biblical story of creation in Genesis 1 – 3, taking a Young Earth Creation (YEC) view.  However, I’ve also been influenced by what science has revealed, including the Old Earth Creation (OEC) view, as well as Francis Collins’ Theistic Evolution view.  In the past century, scientists have finally settled on a general consensus of the age of the universe (about 14 billion years old), and the age of the earth (about 4.6 billion years old), with only small margins of error.  Also, to scientists, the evidence for evolution is so strong and apparent, that many are now referring to evolution as a fact.  However, they do agree that the process of evolution is still unexplained, although they offer certain theories for this.

It occurs to me that many intelligent scientists feel as strongly about evolution as many intelligent Christians do about their interpretation of the Biblical account of creation.  This causes me to consider various possibilities for the reconciliation of these varying views of creation.  Here’s one way to possibly reconcile evolution with creation:

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