Scalia Death Conspiracy

Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in bed at a private residence in Texas with a pillow “over his head.”  Anyone would know that there is a possibility that he did not die of natural causes.  Yet a county justice of the peace quickly declared him dead of natural causes over the telephone, without an autopsy being performed, and she “agreed to issue the death certificate without visiting the death scene or seeing the body for herself.”  (CNN – 02/20/16)

This paves the way for a conspiracy theory that could have been avoided.  How can someone declare that a person died of natural causes over the telephone?  Why wasn’t there a death investigation by a medical examiner?  Why wasn’t his body sent to the morgue for examination by a forensic pathologist?  Any speculation would have easily been put to rest by an autopsy.

Meanwhile, public and political figures should be cautious about traveling to any obscure little towns in Texas.

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