Seven Distinctions of the Church Age

Believers in the age of grace have many unique features that believers of other ages (Gentiles, Jews) did not.  These are ours, and ours alone, as Christians:

1) Positional Truth – Every believe, at the point of salvation is baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Lord Jesus Christ so that he becomes a child of the royal family of God forever.

2) The universal indwelling of Christ – The Lord Jesus Chris indwells every Christian for personal fellowship and
for sharing all of the riches that are possessed by the Son of God.

3) The universal indwelling of the Holy Spirit – God the Holy Spirit, at the point of salvation, comes to permanently indwell the Christian’s body as His temple to be there for power in the Christian’s life and for the guidance of the individual believer.  The believer must look to Him for that guidance on the basis of the word of God that he has stored in our human spirit.

4) The universal priesthood of the believer – Every Christian is his own priest before God in dealing with his sins and with his Christian service mission.

5) The completed canon of Scripture – No previous age had the completed Bible with the Old and New Testaments.

6) A supernatural way of life – As Christians, a supernatural way of life has been made possible.  The Jews did not have this through the law.  With the indwelling of Christ in us, we can live a supernaturally good life, above sin.

7) The filling of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit desires to fill (control) every believer.  The Christian can be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) by confession of sin (1 John 1:9).  In that state, he can be a spiritual Christian.  He can live the true Christian life, understand the Word, do God’s will, and earn spiritual rewards.


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