The Peace That Makes No Sense

I know a young woman whose 31-year-old husband had a severe accident one year ago.  Since then, he has been unconscious, in and out of hospitals and nursing homes.  During this time, she had their first baby, and her husband has never even met his own child.  Yet she somehow has complete peace, through a Christian faith that is too strong for me to understand (Philippians 4:7).  Here are some of her comments: 

The emotions I am experiencing will not make sense to you, but they are real and they are raw.  My thirty-one year old husband is now living in a nursing home.  If insurance decides they will no longer cover him I will be hit with all kinds of bills.  I have no idea if and when that will take place.  This is my life.  What am I feeling?  Peace.  Total peace.  I cannot explain it. 

As I sat in his room, I felt good about it.  In my mind that makes no sense.  There is nothing good about this.  But in my soul all I sense is goodness.  I’m highly emotional–I could cry, but it’s not because I’m sad.  It’s because God is so good.  My life is in shambles, nothing makes sense, I face uncertainty in all directions, and all I feel is the Lord’s love.  The Lord loves me and He is so very very good to pour that love out on me. 

I don’t expect that to make sense, because it doesn’t.  I guess that’s why it’s referred to as “the peace that passes all understanding”.  It’s kind of like how people ask, “How do you KNOW when it’s THE ONE?”  And the person answers, “You just know.”  That answer doesn’t make sense until you meet your “One”.  Then you get it because you’ve experienced it firsthand. 

Please join me in thanking God for his blessings, His guidance, His protection, and his continued presence.  Lord, grant us the complete healing and the miracle we have been praying for. 

I’m the kid in the rear-facing car seat.  I have no idea what’s on the road ahead of us or how many more miles we must journey to reach our destination.  In fact, I have no idea where we’re even going.  And it’s been this way for an entire year.  I’m just a passenger and might as well be blindfolded.

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