The Role of Government – From the Constitution and the Bible

Americans are blessed by God to live in a free republic with a government structured upon democratic principles at multiple levels, including local, state, and federal government bodies. We are privileged to be able to vote, elect our government representatives, and influence our decision-makers and lawmakers. Still, many Americans disagree on various public policies, so how can we discern when government should be involved, especially the federal government? For Christians, the ideal government would base its laws and policies upon God’s laws, and fortunately for Americans, history teaches that our founding fathers indeed structured our government upon biblical principles. However, have we strayed from God’s ideals as our government has evolved? Let’s examine the role of government,┬áprimarily the federal government, from a biblical and historical perspective.

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1 Response to The Role of Government – From the Constitution and the Bible

  1. babyowl53 says:

    The role of our government has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible and people seriously need to learn and understand this. Our forefathers did not want religion and/or the Bible as part of running this country. That is why they originally left England and Europe. Man and his audacity brought that into the government. If one wants the Bible or religion in their government they really need to move to a country where that is prominent.

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