Unconstitutional Legislation

Congress has a real problem.  Congressmen are not reading the bills that are on the floor to be voted on, and they don’t know what’s in it.  Worse than that, however, is what Nancy Pelosi said about the Health Care Bill, “We must pass this bill so we can know what’s in it.”  So, now bills are being passed before they’re written?  First they pass the bill, and then they write the bill.  The result is that they’re routinely passing unconstitutional legislation.

Indeed, the health care bill was still being refined for months after it was passed, and still nobody knows what’s in it.  I tried to read the bill, and I was unable to dig through all of the legal jargon.  I was unable to understand what was written by the high-powered (and highly paid) attorneys.  This is exactly why health care premiums are going up as much as 488% this year; i.e. the uncertainties of the New Health Care bill.

It’s no wonder that Congress is spending so much of our money.  The problem with passing a bill before it’s completed is that Congressmen and their aides interpret and refine parts of the bill, and even add high-dollar addendum to it, spending more of every taxpayer money for the Congressman’s pet project in his state.  What’s to keep a Congressman from adding these words to the end of the bill, “The personal income tax rate for all Americans is 90%?”

This constitutes unconstitutional legislation.  It’s tinkering with and changing bills after they have been passed.  That’s not the way that the Constitution says that Congress should write laws.  They’re breaking the law, and it’s costing us taxpayers a fortune.

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