What Does Kingdom Mean in the Bible?

When the Bible Speaks of a Worldly or a Heavenly Kingdom – What is Kingdom?

Thank you for your question. It’s a tough one, because there are many different views of what the “kingdom” means in the scriptures. I adhere to a dispensational view, which is best described by Lewis Sperry Chafer, as follows:

1) The Kingdom of God – All intelligence creatures in heaven or on earth who are willingly subject to God.

2) The Kingdom of Heaven – Any sort of empire that God may have on earth at a given time:

– Theocratic – Such as the nation of Israel had in Old Testament times

– Covenanted – This then became the nation hope of Israel.

– Predicted – Bible prophecy anticipates a glorious kingdom for Israel on the earth.

– Announced – The ministries of John the Baptist, Christ, and the Apostles announced the kingdom for the nation of Israel, but it was rejected.

– Postponed – As a result, the earthly kingdom was postponed until Christ returns (Second Advent).

– Mystery – The present state of Christendom are a mystery form of the kingdom (Matthew 13:11).

– Realized – The kingdom of heaven will finally come to realization during the end times, at the time of the millennium–the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth.



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