Whatever It Takes

I’ve heard politicians defend the latest TSA security measures by proclaiming that we’ll do “whatever it takes” to make our air travel safe.  Really?  I believe that we have perverted the phrase “whatever it takes” from a rallying try to show our steadfastness in a particular cause, into a realized dispossession of everything by the government.  The government is taking over:  our money through taxation; our industry through bailouts; and, now our privacy, through body scans and pat-downs. 

This is not where the line has been crossed.  This line has been crossed for many years with rules such as not allowing us to take a small bottle of water on board, and forcing us to remove the shoes from the feet of our infant children.  Now we are offered the choice of how we want to have our privacy violated by a stranger:  through the viewing of our naked image via a full-body scan; or, a by a full-body pat-down.  Unfortunately, the government does seem to be serious about “whatever it takes.” 

Well, let’s take this approach to the extreme.  Keep taxing us until our tax rate is 100%.  Take this revenue and hire more government employees, and dream up more ways to keep us safe, whatever it takes.  Here’s one:  Have all airlines passengers step into the security and completely disrobe, and do so in front of everyone, so our fellow passengers can feel as safe as possible.  Once we’re naked, have us put our hands above our heads (like we’ve been arrested at gunpoint) so as not to conceal any bombs in our armpits.  Then have us walk from one end of the security area to the other.  Oh wait, have us twirl as we walk, to ensure that everyone gets a clear look at our naked bodies from every possible angle.  This would make us even safer, right?  Whatever it takes?

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