Read Only If You're Pro-Choice

If you're pro-life, we recommend that you don't view the images in the links below. They are too disturbing.

If you're pro-choice, we do recommend that you view the images in the links below. If you claim to be pro-choice, you should understand the consequences.

                                                            Abortion Photos

"No one has the right to do what is wrong." Abraham Lincoln

Unborn children represent the last civil rights issue.

Without life there is no choice.

The problem with "choice" is that one's choice can be wrong. By what authority does a mother choose life or death for another person? We all have limitations placed upon our rights. We can choose, but we sometimes make wrong choices. When one's wrong choices harm only himself/herself, the choice is morally wrong. However, when a wrong choice harms another person, then it's also legally wrong, and he/she is a criminal.

Owen Weber 2012