I’m Not Proud to Be an American

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If my dad could hear me say those words, he would roll over in his grave. He spent three years under fire in the nasty jungles of the South Pacific during World War II. He felt that his sacrifices were justified and worthwhile, actually fighting for the freedom of his fellow Americans against tyrannical forces who demonstrated that their goal was world-wide conquest.

However, that was the last war that we’ve won, and today America is much different:

– Our military fights wars (and even starts them) when we shouldn’t even be involved in other nations’ struggles, such as their own civil and religious wars of the Middle East. We fight them with no intent to win. We supposedly have the best military in the world, but we haven’t been able to win a war since World War II, including Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Yet we are willing to send our youth into wars we refuse to win, and have them die or sustain debilitating injuries. 100,000 have died in our losing efforts in the past 70 years, and we’ve been losing them for 15 years in Afghanistan, so far.

– We try to spread democracy to other nations where we’re not welcomed, only to see them fall into something worse such as civil wars or communism. Then if we do happen to cause a dictator to fall, another one takes his place. If we defeat one group of Muslim rebel forces, they switch sides, start a new radical terrorist group, and move to another area where it’s easier to kill us.

– Our intelligence shouldn’t even be called “intelligence.” It finds WMDs where there are none, but it can’t find real threats like 9/11.

– On 9/11, we weren’t even able to protect ourselves from four hijacked renegade jets that killed nearly 3,000 innocent civilians. It’s unbelievable that even after the first jet hit the World Trade Center, we weren’t able to shoot down the second one before it struck the second tower an hour later.

– At Waco, we went blasting into a compound where we “thought” they might have illegal weapons, even though they hadn’t used them illegally. We killed innocent men, women, and children.

– Our criminal justice system is a joke, with its rich lawyers, judges appointed (not elected) for life, frivolous lawsuits, and fraud. We waste time in the courts determining if Tom Brady should be suspended for a few games for deflating footballs. We spend millions searching for his lost Super Bowl jersey.  We let murderers go free and fill our jails with non-violent possessors of an ounce of marijuana. We send innocent people to prison; we apologize 25 years later when DNA evidence is presented; then, we make them millionaires for life–guilty or not.

– Our government is corrupt, and the only thing we can understand about our election process is that it’s unfair and outdated. One has to be rich to get elected, then there are no term limits on his era of corruption. Our presidents lie under oath and abuse power, and they’re supposed to be the epitome of law enforcement.

– We have too many laws, and not enough freedom, at all levels of government. I pay 40% of my income to taxes and I receive very little back in benefits (no government employee or pension checks, no monthly benefits checks, etc.). The 70,000 pages of the IRS code doesn’t work. It can’t find billions of dollars in unreported income of drug dealers, but it can find time to audit middle-income Americans. We over-regulate and over-tax businesses and consumers, then we bail out the industries that we forced into bankruptcies, all at taxpayer expense. Obamacare doesn’t work, except for the individual mandate that fines people who can’t afford healthcare. What sense does that make?

– Proper healthcare and pharmaceuticals are cost-prohibitive for most Americans, even with expensive insurance. Our healthcare and drugs usually don’t help much anyway. In fact, they often make matters worse with incorrect diagnoses, wrong prescriptions, unnecessary and botched surgeries, and staff infections from filthy hospitals.

– Despite great advances in civil rights, we’re unable to put our racial hatred behind us.

– We eagerly and legally kill one million innocent unborn children each year by abortion. Yes, climate change may be real; we may be causing it; and, it may eventually raise sea levels and be a threat to us. However, abortion is real too, and it’s here now–killing millions.

Yes, sorry Dad, but it’s not the same country you fought for.

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