When Will We Start Winning Wars?

During the past 16 years, the U. S. has sent some two million troops to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have lost 6853 (U. S.) lives, and we have had total casualties of 57614, which is about the same number of U. S. deaths in Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands of veterans who have returned have applied for mental health or rehabilitation, have acquired drug and alcohol conditions. Many veterans are now homeless, and many families have been split up. Plus, we’ve spent trillions of dollars. In addition, countless hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians have been killed, injured, or displaced.

These Middle East wars started with President Bush. President Obama ramped down the number of U. S. troops, causing us to later have to re-take cities that we had already taken once. And, now President Trump is ramping the number of U. S. troops back up. I think we have to start asking some questions. Have these two wars been worth what they’ve cost us, especially in casualties, and are they worth continuing? Since we supposedly have the strongest military in the world, when will we get a Commander-in-Chief actually that actually wins these wars?  Why Don’t We Win Wars Anymore?  

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