Amy Coney Barrett

I thank God for President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Finally, here is someone who “loves the Constitution” and will interpret it instead of legislate and change it. Maybe now we can firmly uphold the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, and someday stop killing our unborn children.

Many babies, after being put through the screaming trauma of an abortion, nevertheless, are born alive. It is standard operating procedure for doctors and nurses to have to squelch every normal human compassion and feeling, and let that baby die in some dirty sink in some linen closet until it gasps out its last pitiful cry. All of this is described as a woman’s right to control over her own body. She has the right to control what is done for her, but her infant has no right for anybody to control his parents who want to slaughter him.

Amy Coney Barret has a child with Down Syndrome. Some parents decide that they want such a child to die. That often is no longer just abortion, but it’s infanticide. It’s letting the youngster die after he is born, and after he is a living, breathing human being in a living, breathing soul. They say that this is done because this child cannot have a quality of life. That is the same arrogance in the realm of psychiatry and the realm of the psychology: that we can look at you and tell so much about you. When they talk, they’re only revealing their crudity and their bestiality, trying to impose their degraded lifestyle on society in the world that they envision.

Some people frantically champion the protection of animals while they cruelly abort babies. It used to be that only in the most barbaric pagan societies where this kind of slaughter has been and practiced and permitted. It all started when the abortionists said, “We want to do this for the poor girl who’s been raped and has this child; this case of incest within the home; and, this pregnant girl who has this trauma.” It was wrong even in those cases, but now it has gone far beyond that, and it is used to fit circumstances into the conveniences of the lives of selfish parents.

We have now established that the nations of the world have committed themselves so extensively to the practice of abortion that, worldwide, more human beings are murdered every year (a million-and-a-half in the United States alone) than could be killed by our worst scenario of nuclear attack; and that, from military authorities. The worst case scenario nuclear attack would not kill as many human beings as are murdered by abortion each year in all the countries of the world put together.

Now we must pray for the timely confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

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