Biden’s Numbers Games

Today, it was announced that inflation is accelerating.  The annual rate of inflation was 8.6% in May, and it was 9.1% in June.

Among many reporters today, President Biden was asked about all of the Democrats recently abandoning him.  His response was that 92% of Democrats say that they would vote for him in 2024.  He didn’t cite the poll, but let’s assume that that’s true.

The latest Gallup poll for 2022 showed that 47% consider themselves (or lean toward) the Republican party, and 42% are Democrats, leaving 11% as Independents.  Well, 92% of the 42% of Democrats amounts to only  38% of the population.  Even if half of the Independents were to vote for Biden (which polls show is not likely), that still shows that Biden would get beat in a landslide: 56% to 44%.

BTW, President Biden blames everybody but himself for the 9.1% inflation rate, calling it “Putin’s Price Hike.”  If inflation were to ever come down, I wonder if he would call it “Putin’s Price Cut.”

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