Facts About Abortion

  • Abortion stops a beating heart.
  • In the US, approximately 926,000 babies die each year from abortion.
  • An unborn baby’s heart begins to beat 22 days after conception.
  • Five weeks after conception, an unborn baby’s hands and legs being to grow.
  • Brain waves are detectable six weeks after conception.
  • By week 12, an unborn baby can feel pain as their nerves, spine, and thalamus
  • Abortions can cause horrible pain to babies.
  • A baby can survive outside the womb just 23 weeks after conception.
  • Most mothers will go into labor between 38 and 42 weeks after conception.
  • Shockingly, late-term abortions are legal in some states, even 38-42 weeks
    after conception.
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