Marianne Williamson’s Department of (Some) Children

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has proposed a plan for a Department of Peace.  The plan mentions a follow-up agency called the “Department of Children and Youth” that the Department of Peace would work with, but it doesn’t go into details of that program. Williamson puts a heavy focus on early childhood intervention. Her plan seeks to “teach violence prevention and conflict resolution” in public schools, along with treating gang psychology.

I think she needs to rename the”Department of Children and Youth” to the “Department of Some Children.” She’s missing a whole segment of our population–the one million children that we intentionally kill by abortion each year.  Talk about early childhood intervention:  how about the “earliest” childhood intervention–when the child is still in the womb?  If she would adopt a pro-life position, she could start out by saving those million lives from violent abortions, and then she would have one million more kids to “teach violence prevention” to.

You can’t promote both violence prevention and (violent) abortions.

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