We’ve Spent $1.46 Trillion on the ‘War on Terror’

The Department of Defense’s cost of war report has just shown that the ‘War on Terror’ has cost US taxpayers at least $1.46 trillion ($1,460,000,000,000) since September 11, 2001.  That’s $250 million ($250,000,000) every day, for 16 years; or, $10.4 million ($10,400,000) per hour–about $1 million ($1,000,000) every 5 minutes, for 16 years.

It’s the longest war in our history, and after 16 long years of losing our soldiers, we’re still not willing to win it. Now we are, once again, escalating the war in Afghanistan. We’ll continue to lose the lives of our young soldiers, all at taxpayers’ expense. The terrorists will continue to kill our soldiers; we know that more will get killed in helicopter crashes; we’ll continue to spend billions of dollars per month; and, our homeland will be no safer for it. The whole Mideast is in continual war that is not winnable, and now they’ve pulled us into it as well.

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