Why I Don’t Go to Church

I’m a God-fearing Christian, an avid Bible reader, and a believer in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  I’ve been a Christian for nearly 50 years, and I’ve spent thousands of hours in Bible study, prayer, and church service.  I believe that Jesus Christ established His church for the unity and edification of believers; yet, I don’t currently attend church on a regular basis–probably less than once a month.  How can this be?  

I’m not proud of the fact that I don’t attend church regularly.  I lose the potential for enrichment every time I don’t go, and I offer no excuses.  This writing is as much of an indictment against myself as against the church.  I even harbor a certain amount of shame, guilt, and embarrassment about it.  We have met all of our best friends in church, and it breaks my heart to think of the blessings that I’m missing by not going now.  If you have found a church that truly teaches the Bible, and edifies and encourages you, then God bless you–I could learn much from you.  However, I’ve decided to be completely honest here, and devote this writing to my sad predicament, in hope of encouraging others who might be in the same situation.

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  1. michael m says:

    Owen Webber , I’ve enjoyed reading your experiences and thoughts . I also have had similar feelings about ‘church’ and in fact , after having to leave off going to a particular church I left off regular attendance at another and only just recently have become more regular in attendance .
    I too have had that verse from Hebrews brought one way or another to my attention. My feelings about the ‘attendance’ part of the verse is that it may be partially relevant now , but actually it may have more to do with those of Jews who believed but had reservations about it becoming known and were tending to revert back to their previous religious practises and conforming to the ways of their society . ? Cautious perhaps like Nicodemas initially ?.

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